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How it's Made

Creamed pull candy is an old fashioned confection which was mainly known as a Christmas treat. Years ago it could only be made in the winter. People used to take the marble top off their washstand or dresser and take it outside in the winter time so the marble would get cold. They would cook the candy, take it outside and pour the hot candy on the cold marble and let the candy cool enough for them to work with it and pull it by hand. After the candy was pulled, it was then cut into pieces and placed in a warm area where it “creamed” into a wonderful treat. During the pulling and cutting stage of the process, the candy is a taffy.
Our process is no different! Making creamed pull candy depends on a lot of factors including the weather, timing and cooking temperature.Modern technology, such as compressors and temperature control allows us to make the candy all year round. Each day is different ....and each piece is delicious.


There is no comparison to Mom Blakeman’s Candy. 

Kentucky’s best-kept secret for over 60 years!!